ROLLING OUT MAGAZINE: Roland Martin, Mathew Knowles encourage Black investment in cannabis industry

Easily one of the most anticipated breakout sessions during the first day of RIDE Con 2019, “Bangi: Cannabis Land — Access and Ownership,” featured a trio of cannabis investors – Roland Martin, Matthew Knowles and Ryan Mack. Each provided indispensable knowledge for budding entrepreneurs in the industry.

Bangi (pronounced bon-ghee) means “marijuana” or “hemp” in Swahili. Bangi Inc. is a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets, such as cannabis and hemp farms. Knowles sits on its board.

We (Bangi) are 3 months old,” Knowles began, commanding the attention of the room. “We are giving you an opportunity today.”

At the onset of the session, Martin introduced the other panelists and took on a moderator role, of sorts. Their initial exchanges though, made for a uniquely informative and interesting conversation — beginning with their vested interest in the industry.

“We don’t grow cannabis,” Knowles said, further explaining Bangi’s mission to attendees. “We buy real estate. We buy the land, and we lease it back. We have a market niche right now. Black folks are the last to get involved. We wait until the end, and then it’s too late. We are a penny stock right now.”

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