PRESS RELEASE: Mathew Knowles Announces Song Licensing Partnership with Video Game Developer One Earth Rising PBC

Mathew Knowles is announcing a partnership between his music label, Music World Entertainment

Corporation, and the video game development studio, One Earth Rising PBC (Public Benefit

Corporation) (“OER”). As part of the collaboration, Music World Entertainment Corporation is making

all songs in its catalog (over 3000 songs) available to select One Earth Rising games. “Music has the

power to raise gaming to an all new, incredible and unique level,” says Knowles. “What enticed us to

work with One Earth Rising, specifically, is it’s philanthropic platform.”

OER’s co-founders Jan Roessner, Luc Bernard and CEO Beryl Basham are revolutionizing the gaming

industry by bringing a new stream of revenue to nonprofits by generating sustainable funding through in

game purchases and advertising. OER was founded by Arcade Distillery, LLC (“AD”), a successful video

game developer and publisher, whose video games have reached over 10 million people in 20 countries.

The first game released by One Earth Rising was Paraiso Island, a free-to-play, virtual reality, hurricane

relief game where gamers interact with wacky animal residents on a cheerful tropical island. Gamers can

listen and download music, go to concerts, build a home and cook. OER is donating up to 30% of its

profits from the game to disaster relief organizations, including All Hands and Hearts. To date, All Hands

and Hearts has built 256 schools in disaster torn areas globally. The game launched on PlayStation 4 in

March and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and Google Play.

Mathew Knowles is a record executive, talent manager and founder and CEO of Music World

Entertainment Corporation, comprising of Music World Gospel, Music World Music, Compadre Records,

Music World Kids and Music World Properties. Some of the biggest acts to come out of Music

World Entertainment Corporation include Destiny’s Child, the best-selling female music group of all time;

Beyoncé, a global music superstar; Grammy award winner Solange Knowles; and Trin-I-Tee 5:7, the

best-selling contemporary Gospel group of all time.

This isn’t Music World Entertainment Corporation’s first time entering the gaming industry. They

previously licensed songs to Nintendo and negotiated an endorsement deal for Beyonce’. “This is

different endeavor, however, because this time we aim to give back to the global community in ways that

help to make a real impact on the world,” Knowles continues. As part of the collaboration, Mr. Knowles

will sit on the Advisory Board of One Earth Rising and has pledged to donate a percentage of all

revenue to grant recipients.