PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Mathew Knowles Among Prominent Leaders at Harvard University’s “The Future of Black Institutions”

Cambridge, MA (March 28, 2019) – Dr. Mathew Knowles will be at Harvard University

today at 6pm, to serve as a panelist at Harvard’s “The Future of Black Institutions”

symposium, taking place at CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street, Tsai


Prof. Jonathan Walton will lead the discussion featuring Mathew Knowles and other

prominent black leaders discussing entrepreneurialism and the role of family history,

background, education, religion, economy and more in their careers.

Among the topics that Dr. Knowles will address include the importance of black

entrepreneurship and what it means to be a “black” business; the obstacles he has

encountered on his professional journey; and if successful black entrepreneurs have a

responsibility to the black community. He will also discuss his experience teaching at two

historically black colleges.

Dr. Mathew Knowles is a record executive, talent manager and founder and CEO of Music

World Entertainment, comprising of Music World Gospel, Music World Music, Compadre

Records, Music World Kids and Music World Properties. Some of the biggest acts to

come out of Music World Entertainment include Destiny’s Child, the best-selling female

music group of all time; Beyoncé, a global music superstar; Grammy award winner

Solange Knowles; and Trin-I-Tee 5:7, the best-selling Gospel group of all time. Dr.

Knowles is also a noted author and lecturer on a variety of topics pertaining to the African

American experience as well as business topics relating to entrepreneurismand the

entertainment industry.

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