Streaming to Success: MePlaylist Perfectly Positioned To Be a Major Hit Around the World – Which Should Be a Surprise To No One (The Voice)

“In times of crises the music industry has always found ways to modify and adapt.” Those were the words of Mathew Knowles when asked where he saw the industry heading in a post pandemic world. Artists all over the planet have, like most people, found it hard to adapt in the seven months of uncertainty since coronavirus became the bane of Earth’s existence.

Streaming, however, is one of the music business sectors which has seen an upsurge in fortunes as more people make use of the contemporary way to consume their favorite tracks.

So it’s no surprise that following quickly on the heels of the announcement of the high profile executive appointments of Knowles and Michael Kay Kiladejo at Africa’s one-of-a- kind, on-demand music streaming start-up, MePlaylist, the fast growing DSP, has now revealed distribution deals have been struck with both FUGA and Symphonic.

With a mission to diversify the menu and enrich the global music palette, MePlaylist has now added some seven million songs to the catalogue available to users.

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