Breast Cancer in Men

Breast Cancer in Men – Risk Factors to Be Aware Of (SurvivorNet)

In a previous interview with SurvivorNet, music mogul and ‘male chest cancer survivor’ Mathew Knowles explained that having BRCA2 as a man means that you have a higher risk to get breast cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

A tiny drop of blood appeared on his shirt in 2019, but Knowles never thought he would have breast cancer. Luckily, he went to the doctors promptly and caught his breast cancer at stage 1A before it spread to the lymph nodes. His course of treatment included a mastectomy, but he did not need chemotherapy.

Knowles is also among the 3 percent of African-Americans who carry the BRCA2 gene mutation which put him at an increased risk for breast cancer.

“I knew my grandpa died of prostate cancer when I was a kid, but I didn’t know that four of my dad’s six brothers had died of prostate cancer,” Knowles said. “It might be one of those rare cases that BRCA2 is in both families.”

His advice to other men: research their family history, get genetic testing done and make healthy lifestyle changes.

“Let me tell you why it’s important to know you have a higher risk,” Knowles said. “Because there are three things you can do to minimize that risk: Diet, exercise, reduction of alcohol consumption.”


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