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Mathew Knowles John Hopkins University
NAMIC 35th Annual Conference
COLLARTS Mathew Knowles
The Marquee Conference on Racial Disparities and Cancer.

A Black woman who gets cancer in America has a 39% higher chance of dying than a white woman. Black men with prostate cancer are almost twice as likely to die from the illness as white men with the same disease.

So what can we do? The data over the last 30 years is clear: Awareness and education are what moves the needle.

That’s why we are putting on Close The Gap, a virtual conference produced by SurvivorNet, in collaboration with Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health. This event will help to educate, share new ideas, and design a future for cancer care that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Mathew Knowles Fatherhood Event (TCIONY)
Men of color are strong voices in their communities and need to be engaged in the dialogue about long-term solutions. Join Mathew Knowles and influencers from the African-American, LatinX and Asian American/Pacific Islander communities as they discuss men’s physical and mental health.
Florida Memorial Commencement Speaker Mathew Knowles
Dr. Marc's eSports Masterclass featuring Dr. Mathew Knowles
Mathew Knowles Point Blank Music School
Box 10 Mathew Knowles
Angela Ward Talk Racism In America with Mathew Knowles

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