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As a pioneer for African-American success in the corporate world, he intimately understands the need to empower the community by sharing and dispersing knowledge. Dr. Knowles possess an MBA and PH. D in Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture, and was the #1 Sales Rep at Xerox Medical three out of four years.

His uniquely impressive list of accomplishments provides an unmatched perspective into what it takes to succeed as an artist, as a business and as a leader.


  • The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals: A personal and professional-oriented, motivational, and inspirational talk all rolled into one. As the title suggests, it focuses on characteristics that are common among successful people from all walks of life. (KEYNOTE)
  • Entrepreneurship 101: Understanding the theory, process, characteristics, sales, marketing and practice of entrepreneurship. An in-depth look at why some entrepreneurs fail, whereas others succeed. (LECTURE, COURSE, KEYNOTE,MASTER CLASS)
  • Tips for Getting in the Music & Entertainment Industry: Here are tips to breathe life into your music and entertainment career and to make sure you are building a foundation for long term success. Taking inventory of your musical and entertainment skills, experiences and learning the business of music. Don’t sit around waiting for your musical career to happen. Step up and make it happen! (LECTURE, COURSE, KEYNOTE)
  • 10 Qualities of Successful Leadership: These leadership traits are essential qualities that make effective leaders, weather you are managing a team, an organization, a department, or an entire company, these traits are all used to guide people and projects to success. (MASTER CLASS, LECTURE, KEYNOTE, CORPORATE)
  • Harmonizing Your Workforce: Five Ways to Make Diversity and Inclusion Competitive Advantages: Diversity and inclusion can have many positive factors, such as being more adaptable, more innovative, a more engaging team, acceptance, and greater problem-solving capacity. (KEYNOTE, CORPORATE)
  • How to Develop Your Branding & Endorsement Identity: Using Beyonce’ as a case study we look at simple steps for a successful branding and endorsement building process from how to build a brand, how to create a brand identity, how to build a brand and endorsement strategy and others. (LECTURE, KEYNOTE, CORPORATE, MASTER CLASS)
  • Fundamentals of Marketing & Sales: Taking from 20 years of high achievement in sales and marketing, from being the number one salesperson worldwide at Xerox Medical System and others. This presentation is about using a measurable, repeatable sales process from knowing your product, reviewing your pipeline, follow up, building an effective marketing strategy from determining the target audience, how to champion on social media, conducting research and more. (CORPORATE, LECTURE, KEYNOTE, MASTER CLASS)
  • Racism from the Eyes of a Child: A personal reflection and view on racism in America and worldwide. An examination of the backdrop of discrimination from post-slavery, up through the civil rights protest, on into the present racial climate that exist today in every facet of our lives. (LECTURE, KEYNOTE) Also available, The Emancipation of Slaves Through Music.
  • Health & Wellness: With a major emphasis on early detection and genetics, Knowles gives his personal perspective of understanding the link between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind and body. Knowles share his personal battle with cancer, family history and BRCA-to mutation. Knowles stresses, especially to the urban community, “If we do not make time for our wellness, we will be forced to make time for our sickness”. (LECTURE, KEYNOTE, CORPORATE)
  • Ethical Leadership: This workshop is directed for respect of ethical beliefs and values and for the dignity and rights of others. Through case studies you will gain the knowledge and tactics that lead to successful ethical outcomes. (WORKSHOP, MASTERCLASS)

Due to Dr. Knowles’ vast knowledge and experience, he is able to deliver in-depth presentations supercharging his audiences with step-by-step instructions that can be implemented immediately.

Dr. Mathew Knowles remains committed to uplifting young people, students, business leaders, and the community-at-large through his philanthropy and willingness to share both his story and insights into success.

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Mathew Knowles, MBA, Ph.D is the founder of Music World Entertainment Corporation. He is widely recognized in the entertainment industry for award winning artist such as Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’, Solange, O’jays, Chaka Khan and many others where he has facilitated more than 100 award-winning, platinum and gold albums. Knowles shares a distinguished 20 year career in sales and marketing with Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Phillips and Johnson & Johnson and holds a MBA in Strategic Planning and Organizational Culture as well as a Ph.D in Business Administration. Knowles is a visiting professor at Prairie View A&M and has lectured in more than 25 colleges and universities around the world including Harvard, Howard, UCLA, Cornell and University of Cape Town to name just a few. Knowles is an award winning author with five books to his credit including “The DNA of Achievers, Racism from the Eyes of a Child, Public Relations and Media, The Emancipation of Slaves Through Music and Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story”.


Dr. Knowles, thank you so much for sharing with us the breadth of your experience in business as we wrestled with the symposium topic, “The Future of Black Institutions” at Harvard this past Spring.  Your transparency and insight about your history in business – along with that of your colleagues in education and ministry – created a space for rich, compelling and energetic dialogue and debate.   You helped ignite a conversation that must continue.

-Marla Frederick, Professor of Religion and African American Studies, Harvard University (2003-2019)

Mathew is a versatile speaker with the ability to give an in-depth perspective on a broad range of topics. Recently, Mathew gave an insightful and engaging talk to a large group of African American women attorneys in Houston on the topic of breast cancer. The women in attendance walked away more knowledgeable about the importance of testing and self-care as well as how breast cancer can affect men and women.

-Krystal N. Studavent, Esq. Attorney and Regional Director of Business Development

It was such a pleasure to have Mathew Knowles speak at the "Create Your Masterpiece" Italy Retreat! At the event Mathew stood out as an exemplary world leader and speaker because of his extensive business and life experience. It was evident that he speaks from a place of truth and is able to get right to the root of the problem. He was so open to share his deep wisdom and insights, and I greatly appreciated his willingness to connect personally with our participants. The Retreat was a huge success and we all benefited greatly from his presence. I would invite Mathew Knowles to speak at future events without reservation and look forward to working with him in the future.


Michelle Falcone | Certified Life and Business Coach | Michellefalcone.com

It has been a great honor for us to have Mr. Knowles present at BIME PRO this year. Great professional with whom it has been very easy to work and that has added great value to our event.



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