Starting a Business? Avoid People with these 7 Qualities

Starting a business is one of the most challenging things to do, especially in the earlier phases. The worst part is that a lot of people won’t understand why you’re working so hard when you aren’t making much money at the beginning. Some people won’t understand why you’re spending so much time away from them, and might even start to resent you. These people will start to try and bring you down, even try to sabotage your efforts. However, there’s a very fine line between constructive criticism from somebody that you trust and malicious putdowns from a toxic friend, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. I recently came across an article that identified the seven types of toxic people you should avoid when starting a business. Check them out below:

1. They make ultimatums: You never have just one choice. When somebody gives you an ultimatum and tries to make you choose between them and your business, then you need to take a step back. You need to realize that “or” is a power play: you always have more than just two options.

2. They try to make you believe you need them to be successful: You don’t need somebody else to be successful. Networking and surrounding yourself with positive people serves as a force multiplier in any venture, although the notion that you need other people to be successful isn’t healthy, since it opens the door to people using you for their own private gain.

3. They make you feel like you need to take care of them: You’re not responsible for other people’s happiness. When grown adults try and make you feel guilty for not spending time with them, it’s nothing more than a power play. If you act as a crutch for these kind of people for long enough, then you’ll become conditioned to sacrificial thinking, and will start to believe that you have to sacrifice your happiness and success for others to be happy or successful.

4. They keep reminding you of your mistakes and shortcomings: Few things are more annoying than finally making a positive change in your life, only to have somebody close to you remind you of all the times you’ve messed up in the past. You need to learn from the past and forgive yourself; everybody makes mistakes, and if you can’t forgive yourself, then other people will use your guilt against you.

5. They slight your accomplishments: When somebody you know achieves something great, it’s only natural to feel jealous, as you try to compare what the other person has done to what you’ve accomplished. While a mature person justifies other peoples’ accomplishments by getting excited for them, immature people will just say that they “got lucky”.

6. They turn you into a worse version of yourself: Everybody has that person in their life who brings out their worst. It might be a current or former colleague, significant other or family member. Whoever they are, don’t let this person hijack your personality. If you find yourself thinking and acting foolishly around somebody, then stop hanging around them.

7. Yourself: In the end, you’re the one person who can keep you from achieving your biggest goals; you’re either your own worst enemy or your best friend, so take a hard look at the bad habits and self-sabotaging tendencies that could keep you from achieving your business goals. People often sabotage themselves because they’re afraid of success; they’ll make great progress toward a goal and then pull back right before achieving it. This is because they’re more comfortable with their past selves than with their future selves, and are uncertain if they can handle success.